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DGFT Digital Signature Certificate

Companies that are dealing with import and export business need to possess this DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. It is needed for the companies dealing with import and export activities as well as making communication with DGFT websites. In simple words, if your business entity is dealing with overseas clients and working with International Funds Transfers, then it is needed for you to get the certification. The certification is issued to individual on behalf of the company. This is for sure that the applicant have authorization from the company to get the certification.

With this type of DSC, different types of questions will surely come in the mind of the business owners. Some of them are listed here:

Who will Get the DGFT Digital Signature Certificate?

The certificate will issue to only those import and export companies who do have a valid code of IEC from Directorate General of Foreign Trade department. So, if you are also an importer or exporter and have this valid code., then you can think of getting the certification.

What is the Use of DGFT Digital Signature Certificate?

This is needed for each and every importer or exporter company that is dealing with DGFT websites. Your company will not be able to get the license to trade with DGFT websites of your domain, if you do not have this type of class 3 DSC.

Where Can I get the DSC for my Company?

If you do have this query in mind, then you need not to worry now. 99 Digital Signature is known as one of the trusted companies of the industry that cares for your needs and help you to get the certification with ease. You just need to get in touch with the experts of the company and ask them for your requirements. They will then complete the legal procedure and help you to get the certification in an easier way. You will also get the best service from the professionals of the company at industry leading rates. Moreover, you will also get the process completed by the company within the promised timeframes.